Hearts Afire Parish Program

Individuals begin with the study of a series of books written by Fr Michael Gaitley. They are encouraged to enroll in group studies at the Mary and Mercy Center, watching Fr Gaitley’s video on the books and participating in group discussions to share insights and experiences. They can also study the books on their own – all of Fr Gaitley’s books are available in the Center.

Marian Missionary of Divine Mercy

Once the studies of Father Gaitley’s books have been completed, an individual moves on to becoming a Marian Missionary of Divine Mercy. Join Father Michael Gaitley and the Mary & Mercy Center at Ave Maria in this powerful movement. Mission Statement of the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy: In the present time of mercy, the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy consciously and deliberately aim to win the whole world for God and prepare it for the Lord’s final coming as quickly as possible, especially through the two powerful spiritual weapons of Marian Consecration and Divine Mercy.

Pearls of Wisdom

-Books and other sources - continue growing in your faith with the many resources the Mary & Mercy Center has to offer St. Faustina’s Diary, Divine Mercy 101, works by Scott Hahn, Dr Tim Gray and many more.

-Courses - We also offer FREE faith enrichment classes and book studies on the Bible and spiritual works by the Popes, saints and leading Catholic scholars.

-Lectures and Talks - Mary & Mercy Center sponsors leading Catholic speakers to meet and speak to the community. Previous speakers include Fr Gaitley, Fr Chris Allard (?), Dr Mark Miraville, etc.